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Daily Wallet

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Slim Wallet for men - Daily Wallet

Daily Wallet is a leather men's wallet designed by a Polish brand from Poznań - Manumi. Wallet has an unusual design, which makes it comfortable to carry in the inner pocket of jacket without worrying that clothing will look excessively stuffed. It also won't make our figure look deformed.

What is Daily Wallet made from?

Our Daily Wallet is a product made of natural, full-grain cowhide leather. As for grain leather, the inner layer of it is tanned. Thanks to that, it is possible to obtain an exceptional smoothness of the skin, while mantaining its natural character. Leather prepared in this way has dirt, scratch and water-repellent properties.

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Slim Design

The Daily Wallet has been designed in accordance with the Slim Design philosophy. Its well planned design allows you to carry the most necessary things in a way that will ensure convenience, while mantaining its minimalist and elegant look.

Doesn't stuff your pockets

The Daily Wallet perfectly fits in the inside pocket of your jacket or coat. Thanks to the well-thought-out design, it doesn't make your pockets look stuffed, and thus doesn't deform your figure.

Minimal branding

The leather Daily Wallet has a delicate and recognizable branding - a rivet with the Manumi logo. The round rivet is placed on the front of the wallet, in the lower right corner. Thanks to its small size, it's inobtrusive and discreet - it allows the skin, which is the first violin in Manumi's products, to resonate.

What you can keep in Daily Wallet.

Our Daily Wallet can easily hold 12 cards and a lot of banknotes. Its size is determined by the size of the vehicle registration certificate, so you can easily fit it in the most popular Manumi wallet. The card that you use the most is easy to pull out at any time!


Designed in Poland


Close: 100 x 130 mm

Open: 205 x 130 mm

Made in China



Daily Wallet

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