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City Wallet

Ultra slim and extra small

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Completely new with well-known design

City Wallet is a wallet that is perfect for using in the city. It will easily store all the necessary cards that you must always have at hand. Thanks to its well-planned design, it perfectly fits in your pocket, being a discreet accessory that is always available when you need it.

Known shape - new size

When looking at our City Wallet, you can get the impression that it looks exactly as one of the other wallets in our offer - Daily Wallet. However, the difference here is the size. City Wallet is an accessory which can be called Daily Wallet’s "little brother". It has its appearance and shape, but this time the size of the wallet is defined by the size of a debit card, not the vehicle registration document. Thanks to this, we were able to significantly reduce the size without any negative impact on the functionality of the wallet.

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Made with best materials

Our leather City Wallet is an accessory made of high-quality leather with a very minimalist design and no unnecessary compartments. Thanks to a well-thought-out structure, the wallet perfectly fits into the Slim Design philosophy.

What the City Wallet can fit?

The City Wallet can easily fit 8 cards and a bit of cash, while also offering a quick-use card slot. This kind of a wallet can be carried in the back or front pocket of trousers or in a small women's clutch bag for evening occasions.

Minimal branding

The City Wallet has our well-known and liked branding. Our concept of product marking is as follows: subtle as possible, but at the same time easy to recognize. When you see a product with a small, metal "dot", if you get up-close, you can be almost sure that you will see the characteristic "M" letter from Manumi logo as well.


Designed in Poland


Close: 80 x 100 mm

Open: 160 x 100 mm

Made in Poland



City Wallet

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