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The Office Sleeve is a leather laptop case that can be easily transformed into a pad that facilitates the use of the device. Pull out your laptop, fold up the cover and put your device on top of it. In a few seconds you can turn any place into your mobile command center. Great for work at home and ready to work in the office. The cover is made of high-quality leather, which looks great at business meetings and during trips. Made for 13 inch ultrabooks. Perfectly fits MacBook Air and MacBook Pro 13 'laptops.

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The ultimate laptop sleeve

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Leather laptop case with stand - Office Sleeve

Office Sleeve is primarily a stylish cover that will look great during a business trip, travel or business meeting. Thanks to the well-thought-out design, the Office Sleeve impresses with its minimalist appearance. It’s also very functional: namely, the cover can be easily transformed into a simple and very ergonomic laptop stand. This provides a much higher comfort of using the device without the need to purchase an additional accessory that provides such feature.

Created without compromises

Our Office Sleeve is a cover made of high-quality leather with a very minimalist design and without unnecessary compartments, zippers or clasps. Thanks to a well-planned design, the cover fits perfectly into the philosophy of Slim Design, which has so far proved reliable in the Manumi flat wallet collection. Now we are taking this concept to a higher level, trying to redefine other men's accessories.

Over 45 000 wallets sold!

Easy to use

Our main goal during designing process of the Office Sleeve was the convenience and simplicity of its use. The solutions we chose are extremely functional and designed not to cause any problems. Using the cover is intuitive. Pull out your laptop, fold up the cover and put your device on top of it. In a few seconds you can turn any place into your mobile office center.

Comfort at work

The Manumi Office Sleeve has a flap which can be used as a support for your laptop. This changes the angle of the monitor to a much more comfortable one for the eyes and spine. At the same time, the position of the laptop is adjusted in a way that makes it possible to use the device without an external keyboard. Thanks to that, it’s convenient to work anywhere you want: both in the office or at home or even outside of them.

Special slot for a pen

The cover has also a space for a pen. A special leather loop is located on the outside of the cover, so you have easy access to it without worrying that it will scratch your laptop or unnecessarily make the entire cover look thicker.

Back pocket

The Sleeve is a very minimalistic accessory; however, we've equipped it with a back pocket, in which you can easily fit documents or a small notebook without deforming its slim design.

Minimal branding

At Manumi, we focus on functionality and design. We don't want our customers to unconsciously become walking advertising banners. That is why branding in our products is as discreet and minimalistic as our products themselves. Office Sleeve adjusts to this philosophy. On the front of the cover there is a well-known, small and subtle rivet with the Manumi logo. The rivet stands out enough to make it possible to recognize the authors, but it does not overshadow the product itself, which is the most important to us.

The best materials

Manumi Office Sleeve is made of natural leather in the flag colors for our brand: black, brown and cognac. The inside of the sleeve is lined with a pleasant to the touch and eye-pleasing lining, which emphasizes the luxurious nature of the product and protects the device enclosure from scratches.

For who Office Sleeve is made?

For people working at home

If you work remotely from home and the situation has forced you to turn your living room into a makeshift office, Office Sleeve is here to help. Quickly pack and unpack your work tools and work comfortably straight from your home.

For All-in-one enthusiasts

If you want to be more mobile, you often have to make compromises. Laptop stands that correct the user's posture are usually large and bulky. By using the cover created by Manumi, you don’t need a dedicated stand! What is more, you can always have it at hand!

For people who don't want to make compromises between functionality and design.

You will find a lot of different laptop cases on the market, but you will quickly notice they all have the same drawback. Their only task is to provide additional protection for your computer, but they don’t look presentable. Made of poor-quality materials, they are not an accessory that you would like to take out at an important meeting. Office Sleeve protects not only your computer, but also your spine and wrists, and it will delight you with its appearance.

For Slim Design and Minimalism fans

The leather laptop case from Manumi fits perfectly into the Slim Design philosophy. The Office Sleeve, just like our wallets, is very flat. We used our extensive experience in the production of leather products, thanks to which we were able to create a product that fulfills all its functions, and is a great addition to our portfolio of other products.



350 x 240 mm




Apple MacBook Air & Pro 13'

Ultrabooks 11'-13' inch

*Make sure that your device is smaller than 310 x 215 x 17 mm

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