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Gentleman's Choice - Black - Black

Black - Black

The Gentleman's Choice is a bundle consisting of a Daily Wallet, Card Holder, Coin Wallet and a Key Jacket. It is entirely designed by the Polish brand from Poznań - Manumi. The set includes a wallet and accessories that will meet the expectations of a modern gentleman.

A complete bundle of accessories for a man

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Best seller - Daily Wallet

Daily Wallet is a leather wallet for men designed by a Polish brand from Poznań - Manumi. This wallet is characterized by an unusual design, which makes the Daily Wallet men's wallet comfortable to wear in the inner jacket pocket without fear of excessive stuffing and optically deforming the figure.

What is Gentleman's Choice made of?

The accessories included in the Gentleman's Choice are made of high-quality, full-grain cowhide. As grain leather is tanned from the inner layer, it is extremely smooth and at the same time retains its natural character. Leather prepared in this way is resistant to moisture and dirt.

Over 45 000 wallets sold!

Slim Design

Our wallets are inspired by the philosophy of Slim Design. The flat design of each element of the Gentleman's Choice makes it not only practical and convenient to use, but also has a unique, minimalist character, and thus is an elegant complement to every man's outfit.

What you can keep in Daily Wallet

Our Daily Wallet can easily hold 12 cards and a lot of banknotes. Its size is determined by the size of the vehicle registration certificate, so you can easily fit it in the most popular Manumi wallet. The card that you use the most is easy to pull out at any time!

Minimal branding

Gentleman's Choice, like any other Manumi product, is characterized by a small but well-recognizable metal rivet. This is underlined by our commitment to minimalism and attention to detail.


Designed in Poland


Close: 95 x 124 mm

Open: 95 x 253 mm

Made in Poland



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